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This is Gavin Percy Langley  now on Aug 3rd 2018.

My name is Gavin Percy Langley and I was born in Derby England 1941.  Derby is a railway town in the Midlands.  My dad, Percy Albert Langley, was an electrical signal engineer for The British Railways.  My Mother was Noreen Thompson before marriage;   they had 3 children:  two  girls and one unexpected boy that’s me.   We lived close to The River Derwent and I have fond memories of adventures on that river being a coxswain for the Derwent Rowing Club, and in 1953 I went to Henley Regatta and we won the cup for pairs that year.  At age 16 I joined the merchant navy and served as a bellboy on the original passenger liner H.M.S. Queen Mary  (81, 000 U.S. tons).

 A new Queen Mary  has since been built and the old one is a Tourist attraction (Hotel etc) at Long Beach California USA.  I soon graduated to serve as assistant waiter in the first class restaurant.  The ship served as 7 day transportation between Southampton England and New York USA.   I had some rough times on board including the loss of one front tooth in a fight.  

I soon switched and took a position as cabin boy on an oil tanker “The British Justice” that traveled around the coast of South Africa, stopping at Durban and Cape Town since the Suez Canal was blocked by sunken ships.  The final destination was Mina Al Ahmadi, Kuwait the top corner of the Persian Gulf to pick up oil. With a fast education in the ways of the world, I returned to England at age 17+.

      I became a ladies hairdresser in the town of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.  My parents had moved there while I was away.  I met my future wife Jackie there (her full name was Jacqueline Mary Horn) and within two years we were married.  I was 20yrs and she was 19yrs.  We had good jobs, a brand new Austin Mini, and a new luxury apartment, all very nice.

       After trying but not being allowed to open a hairdressing salon in my hometown because I was deemed too young to rent a Council owned Commercial property according to the Socialists in charge of all development Corp  of Hemel Hempstead in 1961-62.   That was my sure signal to leave Eng.

I became discouraged with our future prospects in England.  Our marriage was in March 1962, and I said to my wife there is no future here so within months we sold everything we had already  including a shiny new Morris mini and  (in October the same year) we immigrated to Canada, travelling by sea on the passenger liner "Empress of Britain" to Quebec and on to Toronto Ontario by train.
We had sold all we had to pay for a one way passage.  We settled in Hamilton Ontario, living the first six months in furnished rooming houses.  That was a tough six months in a cold Ontario winter.  After the tropical weather I had seen in the Middle East and our mild English climate this "very cold" weather got my attention.  We soon managed to progress in work however and moved to Waterdown  just outside of Hamilton Ontario.

During the next four years we had much fun together as a young married couple, enjoying a life of adventure in a new Country and just the two of us.  It was a carefree happy few years.   I opened a hairdressing salon called Carousel Hair Fashions in Waterdown and we did well.  Our close friends although older than us were very wealthy and they invited us to stay in their beautiful home for a short time when our son Richard Gavin Langley was born in 1966, four years after we first landed in Canada.  We accepted the accommodation offer and soon became accustomed to luxury and a high standard of living even though we did not have any particular assets besides our business.


There must be more!


At the same time all this was going on I was searching for the real meaning of life.  I had been quite atheistic until this point.  It became obvious to me while living at our friend’s house that money and success would have only fleeting satisfaction, at least for me anyway.  I thought to myself "is this all there is?"  At 24 years old I had tried so many "things" …thinking the accumulation of money was ultimate success and we were producing high cash flow.  I had played with most of the toys that one could buy, but none of it had lasting satisfaction for me.
I was still left with an empty hole in life.  My wealthy friend found satisfaction only in making more money but he did admit to me that "the law of diminishing returns" would get to him too.  The more he made the less it satisfied. "What else can I do" he said.  He wanted a large family of many children but only one girl came along she was 14 at this point so our friends would be alone in just a few years.

     I developed a ferocious appetite reading books of all sorts but in particular ”astronomy”, and bought a large telescope.  I would wait up till very late to see certain small stars arrive exactly on time to the second.
In the late 1960’s Garner Ted Armstrong (Worldwide Church of God) was on the radio saying that The Bible has much scientific information in it.  I purchased a bible, to find out and I found it was true what he said so far.   It was my conclusion later that Ted Armstrong's particular teaching was confusing and wrong.  The Worldwide Church of God in those days was really a cult.  However, many facts about the Bible I found to be true.

    Using the telescope and studying the universe brought me to the following conclusion.  The fact that all these "laws" are in place holding everything together begs the question?  Physical Laws are in place for this to happen? Where or Who is the Lawgiver?   A Creator must exist!  I thought to myself if He created the world and mankind then He must have a way of communicating with His creation.   "The Bible" claims to be the Word from God.   I had to prove to myself that the Bible is the supernatural record of God communicating to His creation.  There are ways of doing this research, examine the question 1. Is the Bible God's Word. 

2.  Evidence is in the Historic Old Testament True Accurate History     For me it was paramount that I found evidence written about in the Bible.  Not "Bible "Stories" but Bible "ACCOUNTS"  an account is something that really did happen! not fairy tales. I wonder why Churches and preachers still preach about
"The Story of Moses" etc.  it's not a "Story" it's a factual account!
Why tell children it's a story.  No wonder we loose them in there teens! they think well that was just like Santa!.

For me this was so different since I was not a reader and never even bought the newspaper.  Now I was reading and making notes hungry for more and more.  It was a puzzle that was coming together.  After going through a process of searching in the different books of the Bible, checking future prophesies and their fulfillment, I was faced with having to decide one way or the other what to believe?   I had no religious upbringing so there was no bias while I was studying;   I believed facts when I saw them.    There were so many detailed accounts of fulfilled prophecies;  I was fascinated with the Bible that now had my attention.  My wife Jackie thought I was going overboard on the subject!



The Search is Satisfied age 24.


After proving to myself that God existed, and He had preserved The Holy Bible a "book of instructions" for human living, I was faced with a decision, if God is God and the Bible "is" His Word then everything Jesus said is true!  That means  “ACOUNTABILITY” for all we have done in Life, not popular in todays world.

If it's all true that we will be held accountable “to what you might say” ?  The measuring rule is quite simply “The Ten Commandments" and I knew that I was guilty of breaking plenty, who is not?   You may not even know what they are. I did not! But when I did learn what they were I decided, and even wanted to agree with God’s word about my hopeless condition in front of Him, it was certainly true of ME!   For who is perfect, only “Jesus Christ”.  There was a sure change that came about in my life;   all of it took about six months.  It was solid and sure that I had become a follower of Jesus Christ by Faith alone in His Word.  I now had great confidence in Christ and the Bible as absolute Truth.  The Lord Jesus Christ has been very real (showing miracles to me proving His claims) since then and even more now as I write these words.   My belief has been tested now since 1966 and the Word of God has not changed;   the world has changed, I myself have changed, but the instructions in the Bible are even more relevant today than ever.   I'm glad to know of the future events that God has revealed and am excited to be alive in a time when God is working out His promises in the world, particularly with the Jewish Nation right before our eyes.   I love Jesus and thank Him for drawing me to see who He really is.  He offered a new life and I took it.

            My wife Jackie (who became a Christian some 6 months after me) and I gave up our successful business and after selling everything in Ontario we moved to Regina Saskatchewan Canada 1968.   There I went to the Canadian Bible College to learn all I could about the amazing Holy Bible.  The Bible outsells every other book on the market every single year still to this day that I’m updating in 2014.  I think this is a good hint that every human should read it.     Later in 1971 we moved  (that is my wife and son) to Victoria BC Vancouver Island Canada and have lived there ever since.   We built up several successful hair salon businesses in Victoria, one was called Lakehill Hair Fashions, the second one was Variations and the third one was called Hairworld.  We had a baby girl named Christa Leigh born to us fourteen years after our son was born, which incidentally was not any accident.  The doctor said you’re out of the game!  I said we will see what God says, He gave us the girl that we asked for.

    I served as an Elder in our Christian and Missionary Alliance church and held bible study groups in our home over a period of many years.  Our family grew through our son and daughter eventually both marrying and by 2007 we were blessed with four grandchildren:  Brandon, Cheyenne, (now adults) and Zoe and Scarlett.  During this time, I sold my last hair salon which came about after barely surviving financially the terrible financial crash of the 80’s which ended with my wife Jackie working back at the University of Victoria. Anyway I opened a shop in our home on Astra Place.  I was tired of running a large staff without my wife at the reception, so I decided to work independently in our home.  It continued to be a successful venture for me, until one day, EVERYTHING CHANGED. Again!  in 2007 Oct.




My wife Jackie was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer called multiple myeloma in October 2007.  Our faith in the Lord Jesus carried us through a tough year together, going through a “stem cell transplant” over in Vancouver BC.  Then there were more nasty things undertaken to try and save Jackie’s life.  It seemed like God was saying NO to all our prayers,  but our health system was first class in helping,  right to the last day.

I’ve always believed in physical healing and I have experienced it myself and seen it happen before my eyes.  Nothing has changed in my belief.  The reality is we all have one “appointment” that Nobody ever misses.   Sooner or later we all die physically, it’s just a matter of when?     Heb 9:27  and just as it is destined that each person dies only once and after that comes judgment.

    After fighting her illness for a year, and so much prayer, God said No.
So Jackie & I accepted that reality and we went home to our house and I had the privilege of loving and caring for my wife in our home day by day until she died as we both slept.      Jackie died during the early hours of November 7, 2008.  I’m glad all our children were there at the house in those final days, she had no fear whatsoever.  Their mother was promoted to her final eternal home since her judgment was paid by Jesus.     Ro 8:1  there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit. Jackie had served her Lord for many years.

I was exhausted, left without a clear purpose but surrounded by my lovely family.

After 46 years being married, I now lived alone for a number of years flipping back to my old Navy bachelor days.  Life really changes when you become SINGLE AGAIN!!
It really does.


What Next Lord,?  I’m still here?


2011   I began searching for more companionship.   I felt I was not meant to live alone for the rest of my life, (nor would Jackie want me to, we had even talked of this as she was dying) so I asked God for His help.  

I’m an avid computer nerd as they say and so I got busy joining dating sites, it’s a really intense job once the  art is learned and quite a learning curve too.   I had to change my Profile many times since most of these dating sites send prospects from the USA which is not far from the Island that I live on but an Ocean away.  I had coffee dates with many nice ladies and for one particular "match",  I flew on a small plane to visit her in the USA and then she also later visited me in Victoria,  but in the end the long distance  relationship and long phone conversations was not working for us.   

I really prayed to God concerning the matter and I was led to change my Profile to put it very specifically "Only in Victoria!! Victoria!!  Please".     If you don’t know how it works,  everyone has a handle-name, mine was Gavagain.  Amazingly in May 2011 soon after I made my profile change,  up on my screen came Victoria Sparkle!!    Would you believe it,  she only lived a few minutes from me,  just down the road!!!   Louise too had been widowed  after she had been happily married for over 35 years. 

Of course after the usual emails and a phone calls,  we  decided to meet for coffee nearby. The first coffee date was going well so we decided to go directly for a walk in an area of trails nearby where you could lose you way first time in there, a place called Rithet's Bogg.  Sure enough we did get lost,  but my new lady friend trusted my astronomy experience in being able to find our way out by looking where the sun is located. So navigating by sundial we finally did come out at the right spot.  Louise and I decided after that to begin dating and we had a lot of fun together.  The one problem for me was that she was still working full time but she assured me that she had only 1 year left before retiring.  I did call her Lovely since I like pet names and that’s who she still is.  In the month following our early courtship days, Lovely went with me to visit my daughter Christa who had given birth to her 3rd child, a baby boy named Oliver. 

Louise has 2 grown sons and 2 granddaughters approximately the same age of my youngest granddaughters.   We have such a lot of good things in common.   Our relationship blossomed, quite effortlessly it seemed.

We got engaged on Nov 29th 2011.  We had a very celebratory Christmas that year!  Louise retired at the end of March and a week later, we got married on April 7th  2012 at Victoria Pacific Rim Alliance Church.  Both of our families were present, giving us their complete blessings, including Louise's 94 year old mother.    We both sold our individual homes and together we purchased a nice modern townhouse in a really good location.  We were both thrilled to be starting a new chapter in our lives and our bond continues to grow.

Now we have been on several holidays together including Hawaii & most recently in 2014, we flew to England so Louise could meet my few remaining relatives there and see where I came from in the first place.   While in England we heard from my daughter Christa that she and her husband Jeffrey were expecting their 4th child ..... that will now be a total of 8 grandchildren between us!    Louise is Grandma to all of them, and I will always be known as Grampy.

Louise & I both love Jesus and we still are growing in our spiritual life together.  I particularly love Prophecy and listen to podcast all  sorts particularly Bible Prophecy. I'm still looking for the imminent  return of Christ.            Watch this good 45min  message by Mark Hitchcock 
Watch his video on Vimeo:        If your Using IPAD-  Don’t have the Vimeo app?   Get it from the App Store: 
Also there are 9 video's about the Book of Revelation  here's where you can wake    UP.

For you guys who (everyone is a guy now eh?) prefer to Watch something  look at what's below. I have learned there are readers ,  Listeners that is me these day 2017,  and Watchers and now ALL  is available. 

It's all good!

These are 9 Video's to make you think is my hope for anyone who read this far. I just don't want  ANYONE  to MISS what God has offered to "whosever will may come" .


DO NOT ... click        on this link below unless you have time to watch  these 20min Videos.


We see Our Lord in so many areas of our live these days.   Now it’s  “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To War,  With The Cross of Jesus Going On Before”   Thank you Lord.

My belief in Jesus is stronger than ever and I try to help others find the cure to the problem that we all have. We have all broken God's Law:  The Ten Commandments.  It's called "Sin".   If you would like to know how to escape from the power of sin and the fear of death, click on the link below.   

The real answer

Study Bible Lesson

Picture of Gavin Langley on Original Queen Mary in 1957 

Now is Hotel etc) at Long Beach California


Gavin Langley Jan 2019.

Info on Queen Mary Ocean Liner.

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Queen Mary
The Queen Mary, a famous British OCEAN LINER, was launched in 1934 and was the sister ship of the Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen Mary weighed 81,235 U.S. tons and was 309 m (1,020 ft) in length;  it carried more than 2,000 passengers and a crew of 1,100.  The ship had four screw propellers and was one of the first merchant vessels to be fitted with anti-roll stabilizers. In 1938 the Queen Mary won the Blue Riband--a trophy awarded for the passenger ship making the fastest North Atlantic crossing--with an average speed of 31.69 knots (58.69 km/hour).  The liner was withdrawn from service in 1967 and is anchored at Long Beach, California where it serves as a Tourist attraction and Hotel .

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