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"The Shack."    A REVIEW by Gavin Percy Langley and others.

I'm 75yrs old and did not become a Christian until age 24.  I watched this movie with my Wife (married now 5yrs. My first wife died of Cancer). We decided not to make comments while watching since we are both Serious Christians and this movie does provoke many questions for which I'm glad it does do that.  

First there have been many books I’ve read over the years that discredit what the Bible clearly teaches.  Since 2008, the book ”The Shack” has sold over 22 million copies across all formats worldwide, according to the publisher.   I’ve not read the book however; I understand it’s more detailed.  

The Movie is far too long at the front, even boring; then better toward the end and somewhat hurried.  It states quite soon after introducing 3 humans as God the Father (a woman) and God the Son ( a man) and God the Holy Spirit (a woman)  that  Sin  has its own punishment.  That is wrong since many get away with all sorts of evil.  I could go down a line of anti-biblical issues but the reviews above are there.   Then as I struggled a bit with the Blasphemy of representing God the Father as Human which is the breaking of the second of the Ten Commandments.  I did get my mind in tuned with the fact that this film is not only Fiction but a large portion is in fact a Fantasy of a man having a Vision and learning things about himself in the vision.  To that end it was profitable for the man to try and change for the better.

There is good in the movie and some emotional human scenes very well done, ladies bring your tissues.

For those seeking to find out more about themselves and the “why” of everything I would not recommend this except for its fantasy.     It presents a very mixed up version of Non Biblical values. The answers are vague and mostly not true.

  It’s quite mystical for those who like that.  Anyone who does not know the major doctrines of the Holy Bible and are just Church goers with not much Bible Knowledge I would warn you; this could definitely twist you concept of What Scripture clearly states.

  Cinematography in HD these days is a powerful medium. We should be careful of these “message” movies.       Conclusion:  not worth several hours of my time but maybe for entertainment some would sit through and enjoy.  I needed to see the movie so I could be honest in my review about it and my wife and I could discuss what things we had read and heard about it.

Gavin Percy Langley.


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